About Salon Kanako

Hello, I am Kanako.

I grew up in Japan in a traditional Japanese family. My father is a carpenter. He designs and builds traditional Japanese homes. My mother is a professional hairdresser.

Growing up with two artists, creating by hand is in my nature.

Before I became a hairdresser, I worked as an esthetician in Japan. One day, I was applying makeup for a client. She was beautifully dressed, and her makeup was perfect, but something was missing. Her hair didn’t look good!  At that moment, I knew I wanted to study hairdressing. Now I am happy to have my own hair salon in Vancouver.

salon window

I want my clients to achieve complete beauty. Hair, makeup and clothing should come together to bring out the natural beauty of my clients. For me, it is about balance.

After working as an esthetician in Japan, I continued my training overseas. I’m a graduate of Suki’s Advanced Academy, Vidal Sassoon Academy (London, England and Santa Monica, USA) and Toni & Guy.

I enjoy styling hair and applying makeup. But more than that, I love making my clients feel happy and beautiful by my own hands.

I want everyone to enjoy my salon and take a moment to relax. Forget about your busy day. Look great and feel amazing. That is what I want you to experience.

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Hello I'm Yuria.

I 've been a stylist for 9 years working in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In that time, I have learned to work with the different head shapes, hair textures and taste in each country. I would like to serve you with the different techniques I 've gained in different places and design the best hair style for you! I love doing massage also. I am quite active and I enjoy beach volleyball, walking and going to the gym. I am planning to try winter sports now that I am here.

I am excited to see you soon!

Hello I'm Jasmine

I am a recent graduate of the Aveda Institute in Vancouver and I am the new stylist at Salon Kanako!!!
My favourite thing about hair is that it can completely change a person's look, and more importantly, how they feel about themselves. I look forward to working with every hair texture and colour out there and growing as a stylist. It would be a pleasure to meet you and I will take good care of you!

On my days off, I enjoy baking and knitting.  Yes, I am practicing to be a grandma!